1 Director - The Chairman – GSA Contractor (Chief Geronimo)

  1.     Assisted by Veronica

2 Director – The Vice Chairman - GSA SubContractor (Michael Relph)

  1.     Assisted by Jennine

3 Director – Operations

4 Director – Secretary – Secretary to the Department of Clinical Research and Development (Tammie Thomas)

  1.     Assisted by Veronica and Jennine as needed

5 Director – Treasurer – Secretary to the Department of Finance (Joslyn Williams)

6 Director – Sergeant of Arms – Secretary to the Department of Defense and Security (Alex Moore)

  1.     Assisted by James Taylor – Tribal Id Processor & General Consultant

7 Director – Chief of Legal Affairs – Ali Assaf

  1.     Assisted by Judith Mandez

8 Director – Chief of Judicial Affairs – Judge Ben Zvenia

9 Director – Chief of Indian Health & Health Services – Serena Heatherly

  1.     Assisted by Shannon Lesley

10 Director – Chief of International Indigenous Affairs and Alliances (acting) - Chief Asian-Pacific Indigenous Affairs – Ambassador to ATN – Dhiraj De Almeida

11 Director – Secretary to the Departments of Water, Energy, Agriculture, and Technological Systems – CJ Muller

  1.     Department of Energy
  2.     Department of Agriculture – Dan Muller

                                                           iii.      Technological Systems – Stephen Saunders

12 Director – Chief Spiritual Affairs – Hart-Lee Underwood


Department of Water & Energy Advisors

       Matt Selig

       CJ Muller

       Dan Muller

       Kristian Gustavson

       Joseph Mattord

       Calvin Wang

       Stephen Saunders

       Michael Relph

       Jerry Gillman

       Al Barber

       Ean McLean


Financial Affairs Committee

       Joselyn Williams

       Alex Moore

       Anthony Jerdine

       Michael Relph

       Ali Assaf

       Judith Mandez

       Anthony Lewis Jerdine